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'Stunning' threat in Texas abortion case steps up Paxton criminalization crusade

When a Texas court ruled that a 31-year-old woman with a non-viable pregnancy could have an abortion despite the state's strict bans, the Texas attorney general, Ken Paxton, responded with a brazen threat to prosecute "hospitals, doctors, or anyone else" who would assist in providing the procedure. The letter he sent Texas hospitals hours after the ruling, threatening first-degree felonies that could result in life in prison, was a "stunning" move indicative of his longstanding crusade to criminalize abortion care, say legal experts and advocates.

"It is extraordinary that Paxton would threaten hospitals and doctors with this letter before even winning an appeal," Mary Ziegler, a UC-Davis law professor who focuses on reproductive rights, told the Guardian. "It's a very unusual maneuver, but does certainly reflect his ultimate goal of wanting to go after abortion providers and supporters at all costs."

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