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Started by admin, Nov 30, 2023, 03:58 PM

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admin utilizes Simple Machines 2.1 software.  Here are several of the features it provides:

Automated Installation of mods on non-default themes
"Smart emulation" to automatically detect a mod's version and to automatically emulate this mod when it is installed
Improved attachment security
Improved attachment error handling
SCEditor (New WYSIWYG editor)
Enhanced admin panel
IPv6 Support
Built in support for jQuery
Full SSL Support
Verification questions support for multiple answers and multiple languages
Deny access to boards
Moved topics placeholders can be set to auto expire/delete
Topic preview when hovering over subject on message index
Likes System
Mentions System
Alerts systems for Notifications, Likes, and Mentions
Topic notifications can be set to Not Following, No Alerts or Email, Receive Alerts and Receive Emails and Alerts
Personal Messages automatically saved in sent box
Default theme is responsive
Ical calendar event export support
Gravatar support

Also, here is a link to the SMF website for new users who may need additional help in setting up their account.