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Scarlet Lane Brewing to close two of five locations

Scarlet Lane Brewing Co. LLC announced Monday plans to close tap rooms in the Meridian-Kessler and Kennedy-King neighborhoods in Indianapolis while continuing to serve customers at three other locations.

Saturday will be the last day of operations at 4601 N. College Ave. Unit C and 1702 Bellefontaine St., the craft beer company announced via social media posts.

Eilise Lane, the company's CEO and head brewer, told the IBJ that personal health challenges contributed to the decision to close the two locations.

"It's taking me away from work, not just as a brewer but from running the company," she said of an undisclosed illness. "One of my business partners is also my husband, and he's spending time going to doctors with me."

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West Fork Whiskey lands funding to increase production, add facilities

West Fork Whiskey Co., an Indianapolis-based craft distillery with major operations in Westfield, has linked with an investment firm to land up to $18 million in capital to allow the distillery to expand production and accelerate growth.

West Fork announced this week that it entered into a partnership with Indianapolis-based Ouabache Investments that involves an initial investment of $3 million.

An additional $10 million to $15 million will be spent supporting production contracts and additional real estate development at West Fork's property in Westfield, which features a 35,000-square-foot agritourism facility.

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